Thrice disowned by Simon. Once betrayed by Iscariot.
The whip swung with an enormous strength and warp speed in such a stunning manner that before the whistling sound it made hit his ear drum, the flagella had sunk deep into the flesh at his back. Not once, not twice but the roman soldiers counted thirty nine. Each swing coming out of His flesh with a strand of His outer skin. Two lead balls beat His skin to release blood internally with each stroke. The stench of an early morning spit trickling down His face. Blows of enmity straight to his head, coupled with slaps of disgrace igniting a vertigo. The crown of thorns pushed onto His head wasn’t enough that they had to strike it to press it further.
Blood oozing from the skull of the King. A spear through His side and two separate streams of blood and water gushed out. What amount of strength remains; enough for Him to carry our sins- the cross unto calvary? Six inches straight down his wrist and feet. The King of the Jews; My King displayed in disgrace.
King David caught the detailed, de facto description of the Messiah’s Death by revelation as recorded in the 22nd book of psalms “I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of my joint. My heart has turned to wax; it has melted in me. My mouth is dried up like a potsherd, and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth; you lay me in the dust of death. All my bones are on display; people stare and gloat over me. they divide my clothes among them and cast lots of my for my garment.”
Anytime I read these heinous accounts in addition to even the subtle manuscripts the disciples gave, it overwhelms me. How could the son of man be put through such an unimaginable beastly ordeal? Couldn’t there have been another way? But then I think of the Suffering of Christ Jesus, my salvation dawns on me. Essentially it was me Christ had in mind through all this unto the cross; till the curtain in the temple was torn into two from top to bottom, till the earth shook, till the rocks split and tombs broke open for the holy people who died to be raised to life till Christ gave up His last breath! For me!
What would have kept God the Son steadfast to this; the Father’s will? What only comes in mind is His love for mankind!!! Love painted on a canvas of marble with splashes of blood. Love soaked in by warm dust with streams of sweat. Love which endureth all suffering. That love which makes my shepherd leave behind the ninety nine sheep just to come rescue me; the lost one. In this love I move and have my being. So then if my Christ Jesus is with me and within me, who can be against me? Without Him nothing was made that has been made, All power is within His domain. The power that resurrected Him from the grave has been made available unto me. With Christ in my boat? When I am asleep; I am relaxed in confidence. Nothing in this universe can separate us from the love God has shown through the efficacious blood of Christ that was shed. Beloved grab a glass, get some ice, pour some frozen coke on it and chillax. God’s love is so deep that nothing can overcome you. God loves you.



IMG-20160418-WA0012  It’s just before the Passover festival and the Shepherd who is to be humbled into a lamb was certain the hour had come for Him to be slaughtered. The evening meal was in progress; in the presence of the Lord and the devil had already prompted Judas who is Iscariot to betray Jesus. Wow! I am amazed by the thought of this scenery. I can’t imagine myself on the battlefield in the mind of Iscariot; eating the food blessed by the Messiah and digesting the decision to betray Him. I can hear Holy Spirit reminding Judas all the sermons on brotherly love and betrayal he had heard as Christ preached them.
IMG-20160503-WA0001  Christ took off his garment and wrapped a towel around his waist like a Daddy going to take his bath, then he poured out few litters of the living waters into a basin and touched the feet of Judas. The words of the Messiah “and I know you are clean, though not everyone of you” rang down deep in the Eustachian tube of Judas that he almost pulled back his feet. The devil whispered to him, let him cleanse your heroic feet, you have a walk of history to make right after here.
I can’t count the number of times Judas would ask himself whether to do or not do. His flesh had drawn a sword but his spirit only had a broken shield. No way would he revoke his contract with the enemy and let go of the 30 pieces of silver. Then Christ told the disciples that scripture is to be fulfilled that “He who shared my bread, has turned against me”. Infuriation? Rage? Shame? Remorse? Well I can only say just like most us on our journey to sin, Judas would say, everyone talking at the dinner table was wasting his time. As the devil in Judas sang, “I have got my mind made up and I won’t turn back” Christ finally said, “Very truly I tell you, one of you is going to betray me”. As soon as he took the bread Christ had dipped, he walked out filled with the devil and betrayed Jesus.
IMG-20160505-WA0000I know you would say if you were Judas you wouldn’t have betrayed Jesus. Do you know the number of scripture you fulfill daily by your decisions? The number of times you betray Jesus by not adhering to his word and promptings of the Holy Spirit? Which voice affects your decisions in your daily life? When your flesh wants to taste sin; bribery, lust, lies, jealousy, envy, covetousness, who do you listen to? When the Lord lays something on your heart, what stops you from executing it? The voice of the devil, or the voice of your Lord and master? Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit. Be guided.
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–D.B. Sarpong



As a little boy growing up in my hometown on the Kwahu Mountains, I remember vividly how I would have to walk for miles, carrying my farm load; usually firewood and harvested crops on my head with no option to have a rest until I reached that shapeless, huge stone. It had a soothing stream of water by it, with short shrubs growing in it whereas filled with the brown leaves the trees along its bank shed into it. This repeated excruciating experience pinched my heart always. Why didn’t my parents make me carry a load, which will be lighter enough for my journey home?

This occasional overload sometimes made me hear some cracking noises like the chirps of crickets within my skull. That even aside, I wouldn’t have had a problem if there were a rest top at every 100 meters we walked. Notwithstanding, just like any hardship in life, this taught me a lesson I have built my life upon; and that’s the Spirit of WAITING; which is the crown of Self-discipline and Self-Control. It didn’t matter how heavy the load was or how tired and worn-out I was, I had to find some power and energy within me to carry on till I got to the huge stone where I would rest and quench my thirst.

Definitely by now you are thinking about all the labor laws; how my parents were inconsiderate and even how I could have revolted as a child; of course most kids rebelled. But even then, I knew of the fact that my life depended on what I carried. I would feed on some of it and we would sell some for survival. Moreover, I knew deep within that my pain was temporary and just like how I got rest at the huge stone, the God of time will bring a better life along the miles. So I mastered the art and spirit of waiting.

James is the sweetest, finest, spirit-filled gentleman Sally could ever imagine. The boy is suave. If he isn’t at work or home, he is in the house of God. The gift of Lucifer upon his life is undeniable; James can sing. Sally couldn’t hold her cards unto her chest any longer when he came her way. “In days like ours where its rear to find your perfect man, who is absolutely devoted to the things of God? I won’t let my savior pass me by.” She said to herself. There wasn’t any way she was going to waste time embracing an answered prayer. She had fallen like dried coconuts off the tree even before he proposed. James often fantasized about her finessing hips; curves and contours perfected to the glory of God. It seemed done by an architect with a pencil and compass. He suggested playfully a few times, that she should only wear tight straight dresses just an inch above knee level and obviously it was when she wore those dresses that he showered sweet words of praise on her. She took them on lighter notes and as normal compliments. Actually it made her head swell. “Your sweet words are nourishment to my soul” We are all human and a little carnality spices up the relationship. She brushed it off. James “Jireh, the provider” never made Sally lack in anything: even things both her father in heaven and on earth didn’t provide.

Her shout and screams couldn’t out match the music playing in the hall. Her breast popped out of her unbuttoned sleeves like a notification on a phone; she covered it with a few threads of her sleeves that could fill her palms and held them together with all her strength. Then with a swift soft kiss to shut her mouth; “he said I love you”. “Then why are you doing this to me?? She asked with wet eyes. “You invited me here to meet your friends! This wasn’t part of the plan!! You even agreed with me and promised you would wait!!! So why now?? Not you of all people James! Not you!!” Uncontrollable tears streamed out of her childish eyes. “Maybe James had forgotten the statutes of the faith or just like any human, his flesh took over in the spur of the moment,” She thought. Without any shame and remorse James said, “I have told you I love you and I will marry you”. “I have been yearning to have you all this while and now I have you. You engaged in the dirty talks and blushed irresistibly at my soft pats. I know you want this dear.” He tore apart the remaining sleeves; detaching the rest of the buttons. Sally screamed tears only a silent heaven could hear. The enormous force he used to lift her dress cut through the strings of her beads; almost all the precious pebbles rolling over the floor for a hiding place. There it was! The covered cave with the curved hips in bare glare. Fueled by his desires, which were deaf to her cries buttered with fire strokes, he dug a hole into the cave through her pain. His elbows pitched in the flesh of her biceps with his knees breaking her thighbone. She fought back and fought back and fought back and fought back. No angel or human to her rescue. Sweating James. Bloody stained sheets. Tattered panties. Dismantled beads and a broken Sally. She ran out with shame like a rat out of a smoked hole. Unlike Amnon who was drained of the love he had for his stepsister Tamar after he raped her and hated her since, James didn’t have enough and is still professing love to Sally to accept him back.

I have come to understand that love doesn’t take pleasure in pain nor does it draw a fellow into sin. So no matter the parameters of my happiness and desires, once it will bring pain or sorrows to my partner I have to forgo it. My sole commitment to her is to make her happy always. Ultimately If I claim to love someone, then there is no way I should be the architect or the channel through which my partner falls into sin. Her salvation is as important to me as mine. So why demand and force for fornication?? (For the interest of this true story) You should be the one washing her with the word to present her without blemish to the Lord. “A man with self control is greater than one who conquers a whole city” As a man no matter how your flesh fights with your Spirit, you can’t let the desires of your flesh overpower you. It will lead you into sin.

Sexual sin has become rampant in the body of Christ; likewise-sexual abuse. Uncles and family friends that you leave your kids with are raping them and you will never know. Let me not deviate out of the church, which is my focus. Deacons and Elders sexually harass our beloved sisters. Supposed devout Christian “gentlemen” who should know better, force ladies to give in to sex before marriage. Not to mention the Pastors behind the pulpits. Borrowing the words of my senior high biology teacher “If the fresh leaves (believers) are burning, how much more the dry ones (unbelievers)’. I know it’s stressful and strenuous suppressing sexual urges and desires. You question God on why he designed sex to be had only in marriage? Who are you to question God and have your way?! Just like my farm load you have to wait till you get to the huge stone to have your rest. His grace is sufficient. Pray for Strength and the Spirit of self-control. May the God who comforts those who mourn, dry the tears of women who have had their dignity and joy stripped off them. I pray you find pleasure in sex again when the right time comes. “..Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” Shalom.




Its another night in the presence of the Almighty, and he is striking chords from his bass guitar so heavenly and spot on like he usually does. David the Psalmist was great on his harp, but for once he couldn’t play enough to refresh Saul to drive the evil spirit away from him. Ezra is just a bassist, the type who gets lost in the Spirit during ministrations that he can play notes and tunes impossible for him to hit on a normal day. So forgive me when I compare him with David, because I believe the throne room shakes in conjunction with a celestial angelic ovation when he plays. Brethren my friend is gifted.

As he played to worship the heavens, for a moment his eyes fixed on Franca in the congregation who was highly under the Power, speaking in the language of the Spirit. What Ezra’s eyes saw, clicked play to roll a tape in his memory: how the tempo of his fingers plucking the strings on the guitar was almost the same as rubbing Franca’s clitoris few days back after a mid week service. Haha now don’t be hypocritical yet. Take a sip of your fermented grapes, and don’t get carried away into pre-judgement. Oh and Ezra’s favourite biblical rebuttal is always “Thou shall not judge”. So pin your chilled glass on some cotton and let me continue. We’re having a church in here. Hallelujah!

I always marvel at how men can love the things of God so much that they spend their time and energy doing His work, but yet still with that same level of enthusiasm succumb to the desires of their flesh. To me its like two mountains apart with a valley of the shadow of death in-between: burning hell hot like the unusual blazing furnace of Nebuchadnezzar. And what it takes for people to cross such an impermeable spiritual barrier back and forth, my mind cannot fathom, because clearly its not the armour of God that they have on. But then I came across Matthew 13:8 “they honour me with their lips but their hearts are far from me
Maybe not everyone who will enter the kingdom of God will enter with absolute perfection. But I believe God is looking for people who will open up and surrender their imperfections unto him occasionally, for cleansing and revival of strength: and make the conscious effort to renew their minds and live solely for God than those who will abuse grace and deliberately continue to satisfy their flesh with excuses like “after all, God knows I’am human” and “Its not easy to let temptations pass“. These statements are indictments on the Spirit of the Living God and the total salvation prowess of Christ. No man imbibes the Holy Spirit and remains a mere human still. I don’t believe that its the Cross thats too heavy and difficult to carry, because for that we have a Helper but it is mans love for the world and his desire to always have a taste of sin that make us look back most often.

The half night was over, and for the obvious gentleman Ezra was, he had to go see Franca off to her hostel before he can hurry up to the drink up Abi had invited him to. Tonight is not the night to play FIFA with the boys.
But Franca needs him too. “You don’t expect me to sleep in this cold here alone dear. My roommate is gone for a sleepover and its quite scary you know” she told Ezra as she locked the door and coerced him to have a seat. Ezra wanted to be sure what was brewing up between them, he knew Franca was dating a married lecturer, whereas Franca knew his girlfriend was in a different tertiary institution. But hey he dares not bring up such a topic at that moment.The night was still young and he could get served with a couple of slices of the divine red bearded meat before cock crows.

Franca was out of the shower already. Ezra passed a compliment on her wobbly ass in the night wear which got her all smiley. “Silly boy! Be in the Spirit” Franca told him. Her hands are full with enough intentional sins already. She is grieving the Holy Spirit, she acknowledges, but her flesh mostly wins. She prays that her mind gets fully renewed, that her body will be saved like her Spirit and Soul. But here is Ezra, the devil in the form of a man, up of his feet already in full glare for a replay of the night of the mid-week service. He sealed her lips with a deep kiss before she could utter any word to deter him. His palms now filled with pounds of Franca’s soft buttocks with masses spilling over. All she could say to herself was: “another night of sin won’t send me to hell”. Enough oxytocin has been released into her system, heightening her senses to a peak difficult to recoil. What is invasion to a fallen city? No pride to fight for. Is there any?

The after shower pant was on the floor already. He did things with his tongue to the palace of Franca that Tyrion the Imp would pay him homage for: lapping liquid fire without his tongue getting burned. No wonder upon several Holy Ghost baptisms, Ezra can’t speak in tongues. By the time he administered his first stroke, Franca was gasping for air already. The study desk was marching into spaces, with books including Bishop Jakes “Woman Thou Art Loosed” flipping and rolling over for cover. He lifted and turned her over for her to have a firm grip on the table so he could do her from behind. He had to enjoy that favourite position of his before he laid back on the bed for her to ride on top till he “cummed“.

They fell asleep in each others arms.What a thrilling night it has been. Ezra had to catch up with us for our usual Saturday morning soccer before sunrise. So not to disturb her sleep, he kissed her goodbye and left her a text “See you at church tomorrow morning dear, where we will appeal to the mercy seat of God once again.take care”.